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School Lunch Program

Repeating last year's spontaneous gift with a more organized donation, BA again provided the exercise books that the children of Buhumba Primary will use to take their notes this year. Over 1000 books of varying pages - from 32 page books to the younger grades to 96 for the oldest, helps take the edge off for families having to cover such peripheral costs of primary education as books, pens, uniforms, meals, etc. Buhumba primary school caters to students in an extremely impoverished part of the Bukoora Parish, in which Byoona Amagara is located.

While there are no school fees required for primary education in Uganda, many families in this area still experience hardship in covering even the most minimal contributions to the formal education of their children. At Buhumba, the challenges to learning for students is compounded by hunger. There is no lunch served and many students come from too far away to simply go home for lunch - where they may or may not find it anyway, and children bringing bagged lunches are rare. In the coming months, as the parents of the school organize themselves, Byoona Amagara will begin a campaign to raise funds for a school lunch program at Buhumba. Filling bellies means filling minds!


Pictures from the book distribution event that took place on Feb 8, 2005, during the first week of school are available in the gallery. Hundreds of parents showed up to greet and thank the Byoona Amagara representatives with a ceremony in the school's courtyard, though a driving rain forced us to take cover in the classrooms... where the rain still reached us...

Date Happened: 2005-02-17

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