The Byoona Amagara Drama Troupe

Sira Kabahena (at left in above photo), a teacher at Bwama Island Primary School, has been spearheading new initiatives for Byoona Amagara for months now. The children from Bwama, and all around the parish, have been visiting BA to learn and play for as long as we've been here. Now Sira has organized these great and eager kids into a traveling drama group supported by Byoona Amagara. Since December, they have performed two original plays and countless traditional and folk dance sketches. We will update again here soon, with info about the players and the plays they've done, the people they've performed for, many more pictures, and much more.

For now, enjoy these pics from their impromptu performance in January of traditional Bakiga dance and a play about alcoholism in the household. They performed for visiting playwright Roger Hall and the fabulous Intrepid Journeys TV crew, Lorien Michelle Gerber - visiting toddler from Slovakia, Jimmy the dog, and everyone else at BA...
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