ICT, Networking & Computer Literacy

Our humble beginnings...

The photo above shows temporary Classroom in the Main Hall for our inaugural computer literacy classes in basic keyboarding.

Byoona Amagara is grateful to SchoolNet/iEARN-Uganda for its donation of 10 Smart Keyboards to our Computer Literacy program!

Click HERE for more info and photos about SchoolNet/iEARN-Uganda's donation.
Click HERE for more info on our first classes in typing and computer skills.

Our goal with this program is simple - to bring the schools and communities of Lake The photo above shows temporary Classroom in the Main Hall for our inaugural computer literacy classes in basic keyboarding.

Bunyonyi across the digital divide, providing new and valuable skills and opportunities. As a rural and very isolated region, modern technology is rather far from the daily lives of the people at Lake Bunyonyi. Unfortunately, while this may at first seem to have little significance to the area's local farmers, craftspeople, etc., the lack of technical training (even with computers) in the schools and amongst the citizenry has both immediate and long-term implications for development.

In early 2005, the Gilbert Eager Learning Library and Multi-Media Center will open and serve as the nerve center for all Byoona Amagara's education initiatives. The center will host traditional library services, exhibition space for student and local projects, and a classroom for literacy programs and computer skills training. There will also be multi-media opportunities such as Internet surfing and tele-conferencing, film screening, and resources for independent media development and creativity.

One important aspect of the Eager Learning Center is our partnerships with global educational and cultural networks. Though the center, local students, teachers and community members will have the opportunity to engage with peers and cultures elsewhere in Uganda, Africa and around the world. The social, cultural, economic and educational ramifications of connecting the Lake community directly with the world at large are enormous and we believe to be completely to the benefit and wishes of the citizens. As evidenced from the overwhelming response to our first offer of basic computer skills training, the lake communities will cross the digital divide enthusisatically and once there, engage productively with peers and counterparts across the planet.

And while it is one of our stated goals to make the lake itself more attractive to young adults as a place to stay thoughout their most productive years - giving them reason to reconsider the lure of relocating to bigger towns and cities, we know the reality is that a significant percentage of the lake's youth will still leave to start lives elsewhere. Whether they are prepared and not disadvantaged in their pursuits is an important concern for all in this community. Having them well-trained in modern technologies and experienced with cultures other than their own, will give them a more sophisticated awareness, a worldly appreciation, and a competitive chance that all people deserve.
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