SCN's Mission and Goals

We believe that development based on principles of sustainability will foster strong, productive and peaceful communities of both neighborhoods and nations. Further, it is our belief that communication, interaction and understanding within and between communities are the critical lifeblood of a strong, productive and peaceful world.

The Sustainable Communities Network is devoted to establishing a global network of community-based education and resource centers, both in developed and developing communities, to catalyze the growth and flow of knowledge and understanding between cultures, and the incorporation of principles of sustainability in all manner of development.

We aim to see cultural awareness evolve beyond mere tolerance, to a viable and most valuable asset in the development of a sustainable, peaceful world.

In order to succeed, we will work to:
  • Support and establish local and international projects which link communities through dialogue and participation in issues of development, peace, ecology, sustainability and education. Such project issues may include: community outreach and networking; sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, trade and tourism; cultural diversity and human rights awareness; environmental justice and preservation; youth and minority empowerment; equal education and information accessibility; grassroots organizing, et al..
  • Establish and network with community education and resource centers to provide the general public with literary, computing, multimedia, event-space, and other needed resources for peace, ecology and sustainability program planning and grassroots development, and to serve as an outlet for the dissemination of related information and for distribution of a variety of sustainability-based goods and services. The centers may also host such activities as workshops and seminars, lectures and readings, video-conference and webcasts, fine art and film expositions, youth and community leadership training, and common-cause organization meetings and activities.
  • Institute student and teacher educational grants, internship and scholarship programs which foster academic development in areas consistent with our purposes and mission.
  • Engage in other activities related to public education and interaction on issues of development, peace, ecology and sustainability, and to periodically evaluate and re-define our programs to keep pace with the changing needs of the communities in which we work, and of our resource centers and the networks to which they are a part.                                                          
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