Directions to Byoona Amagara/Itambira Island

Byoona Amagara has now opened a secure carpark immediately at the lakeshore at Lake Bunyonyi's Rutinda Market. Parking is FREE. The carpark is also the location to catch our canoes and motorboat transport to Itambira Island.

From KAMPALA or KIGALI... take any bus to or passing through Kabale (~6-8 hours from Kampala, ~2.5-3 hours from Kigali). We recommend using one of the international buses such as Jaguar Executive Coach, Trinity Coach or Kampala Coach. (We strongly encourage you to use one of these operators vs. the domestic operators.)
From KABALE... if you call us at least one hour prior to your arrival, we can meet you directly off your bus and transfer you to the lake, or you can take any special hire/taxi, and either way is 25000shs/car (30000shs after dark). You can also take a motorbike/boda-boda for 6000shs/person - though we definitely do NOT recommend this mode of transport when road conditions are slick! Advise your driver to take you to Byoona Amagara's carpark at Rutinda Market - once at the lake, be sure to have your driver follow the signpost for 'Byoona Amagara Parking'.

NB: Pick-up trucks are available from Kabale town's main market to Rutinda Market for 4000shs/person on MON & FRI only (market days).

BE AWARE... While it does not happen as often these days, some of the taxi and motorbike drivers originating from Kabale may take you to other establishments than the one you've directed them to take you. Byoona Amagara does not employ touts or engage in this practice, and encourages you, if you find yourself being mishandled in this way, to protest to your driver AND the camp management where you've been brought to, and let the managers at Byoona Amagara know about it as well.

From KABALE... leave town headed west on the Kisoro Rd. About 1/2 km passed the Kobil station, turn left at the well-signed junction to Lake Bunyonyi. (If you are coming from the Kisoro side, you will make a right at this junction, just before reaching Kabale town.) Proceed along Bunyonyi Road, passing by the quarry & water works, and up over the large hill. Stay straight at the hilltop intersection (also well signed for Bunyonyi), and proceed down to the lake. (From Kabale to the lake is ~8 kms total, taking 20-25mins. Road conditions can sometimes be poor, though 4WD is usually not required.) Once at the lake, you will quickly reach a junction with a large sign for 'Byoona Amagara Parking' directing you to stay right. Continue down to the right for about 50m and our carpark is on your right. Tap your horn for the gatekeeper. (If you enter into the Rutinda Market area, it means you've just passed our carpark!)


We now offer FREE canoe transport from our carpark to Byoona Amagara, for all of our guests. Canoes take about 50 minutes to reach Itambira Island and are available until 6pm. (If you expect to arrive very soon after 6pm and wish us to hold a canoe for you, you must contact us from Kabale before heading to the lake! Canoes cannot be held waiting past 6pm.)

Important note: Free canoe transport is valid TO Itambira Island only. Return canoe transport must be arranged on request, and costs 5000shs/person.

Motorboat transport to/from Itambira Island cost 25000shs/boat (30000shs after dark), each way and takes approx. 12-15 minutes.

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