Keyboarding Essay Writing

        (Actually teachers from Lake Bunyonyi Secondary School)
          (Sira taught 2 classes/week through Oct/Nov, and due to high demand           added 2 more over the school holiday recess in Dec/Jan.)

Atube Robert
            Bahati Benson
            Tumuhinbise Robert
            Murerigura Bame
            Turyahabura Mathias
            Tumwesigyire Gideon
            Tukwasibwe Johnan
            Byereta Job

Ahimbisibwe           Tarsisio
          Muhwezi Yosam
          Tumuheirwe Jeresemu
          Aine Jessy
          Opio Patrickson
          Niwamanyire Merab
          Asiimw Ruth
          Tukamushaba Gertrude
          Atukwase Hildah
Matsiko           Dan
          Ayebazibwe Glorious
          Naturinda Jackson
          Tumwesigye John Bosco
          Friday Gilbert
          Turyahikayo Godwin Arinda Frank
          Nowamani Kestine
          Niwabine Hosana
Kyomugisha           Oliver
          Nisima Dalton
          Tumusime Grace
          Turyomurugyendo Julliet
          Mashemererwa Shirah
          Turyamwijuka Livingstone
          Tinyebirwe Mercy
          Kataryeba Junior
          Kyomuhendo Avia
Kyoshabire           Barbra
          Twinomujuni Immaculate
          Tukahirwa Noreda
          Kamusiime Judith
          Ninsiima Peace
          Agaba Aggrey
          Twesigye Prior
          Barugahare Boaz
          Orishaba Alex
          Kyikuheire Prudence

Students in the keyboard classes used devices known as "Smart Keyboards". These keyboards have a simple read-out display at the top of the keyboard where a student can view about 5 lines of text at a time. Each keyboard allows the saving of eight files, and each file holds the equivalent of about 12 pages of typed text. Once a student types his drill, essay, etc., she can save the text as a file for download to a regular computer (PC or laptop) at a later time.

In the case of the classes conducted at Byoona Amagara, the keyboards are numbered, and each student is assigned there own file on a specific keyboard, which they should use each class. The class teacher then downloads all the student work at the end of each week into Byoona Amagara's laptop. The teacher evaulates the work, makes comments, seeks out students who seem to be having trouble, or are perhaps well advanced of the rest of the class. In the latter case, the student may be referred to our resident volunteer, Tom, for further computer training on the laptop. As can be seen from the sample essays below, some students have become quite proficient in their typoing skills, and we would cherish the opportunity to teach them greater computer skills on actual PCs. We are hoping that a donation of a small bank of PCs to be placed in the new library may soon be forthcoming. Our fingers are crossed!

Here are a sample of the short essays students wrote as practice for their typing skills. They were given a short list of topics to choose from and asked to write on that topic from their own experience. These were written and edited solely by the students themselves. As they were written as practice for typing, they are pasted here with all existing spelling errors, typos, etc. It was agreed by the students that the essays posted here should be anonymous (for now).

Below the stories are a few examples of the typing drills the students were given.

In Uganda many people like eating meat either beaf,maton chicken,etc.But the problem is that majority donot have the capablity to buy it in order to balance the diety. So one day aperson died in avillage and acow was slaughtered.People went for burial knowing that they were going to eat meat unifortunately one did not get the meat.He complained to one who was serving but all in vein. He surprised people when he said that you have denied me this meat,iwill also deny you at our home because we have apatient who is in crutical conditions.Meaning that when he dies he will revenge to the one who refused him meat.

It is of recent that educacation has entered in Uganda together with chritianity. Majority people donot know how to read and write even in our local languages. So one Man went to the church for prayers and decided to give a testimony,but did not know how to read the Bible,and worse than that he did not know which books are in the Bible.He suprised People when he asked one of the People to read for him averse in the Bible where by he said,read in the book of Trinity chapter 920. Those who didnot know the Bible started looking from the first page to the last one.When the church leader looked at him in confusin he brought asong to be sung by the whole church and went to whisper him that,trinity book has never exisited in the Bible and the testimony ended.

Ashort story about KIHEFO? Kigezi Health care Foundation(KIHEFO) is by all means addressing the plight of people living with HIV|AIDS in this region. Established two years ago as a non_profit organisation KIHEFO is affilliated to Uganda Net_work of Aids Service Organisation (UNASO), with amission to provide affordable health care to the needy members of the community. Dr.Geoffrey Anguyo aMedical Doctor is the brain behind KIHEFO,nowserving as the Executive Director alot have been achieved towards reducing HIV|AIDS cases by mobiling the community and offering voluntary counseling and testing. Along side him is another team of Volunteers who have Managed to mobolise people living with HIV|Aids to form associations at Lower levels. The association leaders have aquired skills on mobolisation and sensitisation on HIV|Aids,and also trained as community counseling Aids thus encouraging many people to come for voluntary counseling people tested and found HIV positive have been encouraged to use the available drugs now the cheapest combination at Shs.56,OOO per month. Those who don,t afford the drugs have been helped to treat the symptom diseases. With no funding yet,they are over whelmed by the rate at which people are turning up for the medical services which are given at affordable prices and some sometimes free.Aneed for government or donor support is highly required if KIHEFOis to survive and double efforts towards reducing HIV|Aids cases in the region.

The name Kigezi is as old as infinity because it is the name of a crater Lake which is on 44 miles along the kabale kisoro Road. colonialists first settled on this spot in 1905 and when they asked locals the name of the place, they were told it is a kigezi because they were near the crater lake. so the British protectrate conviniently referd the region as kigezi. According to Historian festo Karwemera,78, before colonialists came to kigezi, these were clan leaders appointed on merit but not hereditary untill 1963 when Rutakirwa [paramount chief] was appointed to be a ceremonial head.this was afulfilment of a request made by Bkiga to the British protectrate government that they should be granted the Rutakirwa Engabo ya kigezi so that they have a cultural king like other regions in uganda. The cultural kings then had better bargaining power and it was easy to get servises from government. Between 1913 and 1930,there was amassive campaign by chiefs to grow irish potatoes and bananas Bakiga,being hardworking, embraced the jdea very well and today, Kigezi is the leading producer of irishpotatoes in the country.

Traditions amongest Bakigahave it that,there was no lake but there existed alarge swamp.One day a man called Nyakabwa went hunting in this swamp with his two dogs. Unfortunatelly,one of his spears got lost.For Nyakabwa to recover his spear he got fire and bunt all the swamp vegetation.The swamp was there fore destroyed leaving water only.

Here are some drill results taken directly from saved files on the student keyboards...

EXERCISE I asdf ;lkj asddf ;llkj sddf ;;;lkj as asdf ;lk j asdf ;lkk jasdf ;lkj as Aad dad dadd s;; ask lad all falls Add add adds ;ask lad all falls Add add adds;ask lad all falls
EXERCISE II A;s l d k j g h a;sl d k f j g h f j d k s l a;g h f j d k s l aa;;ss ll dd kk jj gg hh ff jj aaa;;;sss lll ddd kkk fff jjj ggg a;sldkfghfjdksla; a;sldkfjadksl asdfg;lkjh gfsa hjkl asdfg;lk
EXERCISE III a q aq aq aq aqa aqa ;p;p;p;p s W s W sw sw sw sWs lo lo lo lo d e d e de de ded ded ki ki ki ki f r f r fr fr frfr frf j u j j u
EXERCISE IV 1 nov 2004 jrufj dkeidk slwoslqpa; swsws lolol aqaqa;p;p; pp; fggf jh hj frrf juju jyj jyj frf ftf jyj
EXERCISE V a z a z az az aza aza;| s x s x sx sx sxs sxs|. d c d c dc dc dcd dcd k, f v f v fv fv fvf fvf jm f b f b fb fb fbf fbf j n azza;//; sxxs l..l dccdd fbfbf jnjnj fvfvf jmjmj d a;z/a; slx.sl dkc ,dk fjvm
EXERCISE VI ;l;l;l;l;l;l;aza ;l; ;l;l;l;l;l;l; sxs l.l ,k,k,k,k,k, dcd k,k j m j m mjm mjm fvf jmj j nj nj njn njn fbf njn jfjbnfj dkc dk slx.sl a;z/a
EXERCISE VII A;q p a;z/a; a;qpa;z/a; s lw o s l x. s l slwoslx.sl, D k e l d k c,d k dkeidkc,dk f j r u f j v m f j fjrufjvmfj f j t y f j b n fj t y fjtyfjbnfj Aqaza;p;/; swssxs lol.l dedcdk
EXERCISE VIII a;qpa;z/a; slwoslox.sl dkeidkc, dk fjru fjvm fg fjty fjthtg bnfg Mf j g h fjty b n fjghg ty bn kf l t y fj b n f j fjruty fjvm Kd e l d k ck, d k d yukeidkc EXERCISE ix a b c d e f g abcdefg a b c d e f g h l j k l m n hljkimn h l j k m n o p q r s t u opqrstu o p q r s t u v w x y z vwxyz v w x y z
EXERCISE x pam lax key jar aim ham fag ade Elm pen jet keg hex few ice bye Rip oil kin jig fix bit aid Cab oat quo was rat tap tap zag car Eat zed use vet set que roe sup Zip yip wip via sir qui cue new

EXERCISE 1V jrufj dkeidk slwoslqpa; swsws ioioi aqaqa; p;p;pp; fggf jh hj frrf juju jyj jyj frf jyj ftf jyj ftf jyj
EXRCISE V a z az az az; sx sx sx sx sx sx s/ dc dc dc dc dcd dcd k. fv fv fv fv fvf fvf jm fb fb fb fb fbf fbf jn azza ;// ; sxxs i,,i dccdd fbfbf jnjn fvfvf jmjm d
EXERCISE V1 ;1;i;i;i;1;1;aza ;1; ;1;1;1;1;1;1; sxs i.i ,k,k,k,k,k, dcd k,k jm jm mjm mjm fvf jmj jfjbnfj dkc dk six.si a;z/a
EXERCISE V11 A;aqp;z/a; a;qpa; z/a slwoslox . dkeidkc; dk fjru fjvm fg fjty fjthtg bnfg mfjgh fjty bnfjghg ty bn kfi ty fj fjruty fjvm kde idk ck, dk yukeidkc
EXERCISE 1X ab cd ef abcdefg abc d efg nijk ikm n hijkimn hij imn o p qr s tu opqrstu o p q r s tu vw xy vwxyz v wx yz
EXERCISE X pam lax key jar aim ham fag ade Eim pen jet keg hex few ice bye Rip oji kin him jig fix bit aid Cab aot quo was rat tap zag car Eat zed use vet set que roe sup zip wit via sir qui cue new
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